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Soraru/Tabris/Kyle: 17. Male [He/Him]. Taken.

Hello! My name's Tabris, but you may also call me Soraru! Please don't use Kyle, though, it's exclusively used by only specific people. Thank you! I'm seventeen, and I'm a transmale (strictly only he/him, please)! I'm in a magnificent relationship with a sweetheart named Carter! I love him more than anything, and honestly, my world really does revolve around him, so he's pretty much in every aspect of my life. You'll see me talk about and with him a lot. Moving on, I don't really have any selling points or interesting things about me; I'm just gay and edgy, and I make art sometimes.

I'm deathly afraid of platonic relationships, such as QPPs and the like... So if you ever feel that you'd like me as one, then I'm sorry, but I'm just not comfortable with something like that. However, when it comes to normal and close friends, it's okay! I'm okay with that, I just don't like exclusive relationships like that, y'know? That being said, thank you for understanding... Anyways, I don't talk a lot with anyone but my boyfriend, but! if you'd ever like to talk, vent, or anything like that, then feel free to with me! I'm here despite my lack of consistent interactions.

I've been called problematic and/or repulsive. So if you do decide to become a friend of mine, please have some caution. I know I'm not all goody goody, and I could potentially hurt someone, emotionally and mentally, whether I know it or not. So please please please, be careful. And tell me when I'm being a prick, I'll definitely try to change it! Thank you...

Well, that's it! I hope you have many pleasant days ahead of you, my friend.

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