we'll meet again in another life.
This is very important to read and keep in mind. I personally don't have any triggers and I, in no way, say that these are triggers. However, these things listed are still things I find discomforting and I'd rather not see them. That being said, please tag:

- NSFW. This includes both sexual and violent-types. Extremely graphic visuals of either of these are discouraged, especially of the IRL kind. I can tolerate majority of fictional kinds. Written descriptions are okay.
- IRL Gore. Especially if it is graphic. Written descriptions are tolerable, I guess, and drawn gore is perfectly fine. I enjoy drawn gore.
- Eroguro. Honestly, I kind of like it; as stated before, I'm a fan of normal guro. In the case of eroguro, though, if it's suggestive, it's cool. But if it's extremely graphic and sexual, I discourage it, especially if it involves kinks such as omorashi or scat.
- Omorashi/Scat. This goes hand-in-hand with the last one. It's just gross in general to me. However, jokes are somewhat okay. Go nuts.
- Doki Doki Literature Club (DDLC). Honestly, you don't need to tag it. However, I'd like to see its contents to a minimum. Talk of it is okay. My feelings on it are extremely conflicted at the moment.